Our Story

Our mission: give people the power to ensure equitable services for those who need them most

The Challenge

We are lucky to live in a period of tremendous technological achievement. With easy to use mobile phones, big data and wireless data transfer, companies are disrupting age-old industries such as transportation, healthcare and finance.

At the same time, billions worldwide are struggling to survive without a clear path out of poverty. People are dying needlessly from preventable and treatable diseases like pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria, malnutrition, and complications of childbirth.

Our Strategy

We’re building products to support governments, non-profit institutions and NGOs in their efforts deliver key services. Our family of products cover... 

Ona Forms, Canopy, OpenSRP, Reveal

Ona Forms

Stack comes with integration for Mail Chimp and Campaign Monitor forms - ideal for launching modern marketing campaigns


Give your products the presentation they deserve with Stack's uniquely presents e-commerce styling — perfectly suited to tech products


Taking inspiration from high-profile tech companies, Stack's diverse blog styles make your written-content shine and your user's smile


Forget handling cumbersome mockups. Get building immediately in the comfort of your browser. Our customers love the ability to launch beautiful sites quickly.

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